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Training ECFH Goalkeepers

By William F Gaudette 111 PhD, 09/08/17, 2:30AM EDT


Emergence of an ECFH GK

ECFH High performance GK Development Coaching Plan

Humility - Teaching our goalkeepers to blame no one else, not to look for excuses something does not work out, keeping an open mind to new ideas, techniques and game situations with the intent to yield a relaxed ECFH goalkeeper.

Individuality - We search for the natural strengths of each GK, developing their negative aspects while enhancing their positives. Quickness, lateral footwork are essential but many of the techniques developed are not exactly the same for each GK and these subtle differences can make a huge impact on an individual GK development. The personality of each GK must be understood and utilized for her maximum personal development.

Patience - It's not merely going from point A to point H and skipping through the process. We have patience in each GK’ers ability and both we and they must trust the process. Results in goalkeeping development do not come overnight. Technically, physically and cognitively each GK is different. We have a vision of what we want the GK to look like when she steps on the collegiate field, that forms the development path for that individual goalkeeper.

Emotional Control - Intensity is fantastic for the field player and that intensity we want to blossom. however, being intense is one thing but not having emotional control would be detrimental to goalkeeping performance.

Know the Principles - Both indoor hockey and Field hockey continue to evolve, but having core goalkeeping principles is essential. We adapt current practices that compliment core goalkeeper principles. Core principles such as technical, effort, good feet, angles, and defending corners plus many other aspects fall into this training model.

We strive to get our goalkeepers and their team to work together. Just like the world outside of hockey, not all goalkeepers are going to be 'great friends" but the entire team needs to have a mutual respect for each other. Goalkeepers know their importance within the team, but field players must comprehend their value too and field players and goalkeepers must use each other to get better and ultimately succeed. Our goalkeepers are our last line of defense and our foundation of attack. The recipe for each goalkeeper’s development is different and we strive to mix together the ingredients to find the recipe and nurture it.  Goalkeepers have a puzzle in front of them and we teach them to put the pieces together quickly and find answers to situations in split seconds. Every movement in front of the goalkeeper will dictate the requirements of the GK. Our goalkeepers know that positioning can make our goalkeeper better and hide some deficiencies of the GK.

Our ECFH goalkeepers are developed to be creative, keep their personality, understand how good they are and study the goalkeeper they are becoming. This is the ECFH GK, exceptionally different from the GK who only has skill training.